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Spacious ground available for the students for the sport purposes and field trips

The School has a beautiful sprawling campus that houses the Senior School , the Junior School . The Vijayanta campus , taken as an integrated whole , is spread over a large area of land.
Class Rooms
The class rooms are spacious , well ventilated with plenty of space for the students and teachers to move around and interact.
Modern well equipped Science Laboratories are provided to give students a hands-on experience in Physics ,Chemistry and Biology .
Well stocked libraries in the School provide reading and reference facilities on a variety of subjects . These go a long way in reinforcing what the students learn in the class room. The accession of latest books on Sciences , Arts , Computers , Humanities ,Social Studies , Languages , General Knowledge , Enviroment , etc is a continuous and ongoing process.
The School has a well equipped Computer Lab for providing students with the theoretical knowledge and practical operation of the computer system.
Physical Education
Along with academics Vijayanta lays equal emphasis on physical development of the students. The School provides ample opportunity and facilities for active participation.
Games & Sports
Large open fields are available for track and field events and games like Cricket , Football , Baseball , Hand Ball , Karate . Spacious assembly grounds provide for regular exercises , demonstrations.
Theatre & Auditorium
Open Air Theatre and an Auditorium is available for the organisation of Inter House activities provided by the HVF authorities. and special events.
An annual magazine is to be printed this year which will contain a breif account of the events and results of the current year will be published.