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Head Master with the winner of the event on the annual sports day
Academic Session The academic session consists of the following three terms:
  1. June to September
  2. October to December
  3. January to April
Medium of Instruction The medium of instruction is English
Subjects The syllabus provides for all -round education in English , Hindi , Tamil , Social Studies , Mathematics ,Physics , Biology and Chemistry upto Class X . At the +2 level the School has facilities for all the three streams - Science , Accounts and Commerce . In addition the School also provides education in Music, General Knowledge , Computer Science and Socially Useful Productive Work .
The basic thrust is towards specialised teaching through personal contact and understanding the needs of a student. Instruction is handled by qualified and experienced subject teachers . Children are taught through a multi-facted approach in various disciplines. Creative thinking and individual expression are actively encouraged . Emphasis is laid on creating an enviroment where students can excel individually aswell as part of a team.
Students are also encouraged to participate in social work.
Examination & Evaluation Regular and objective assessment of each student's performance is carried out through monthly tests and periodic examinations. Report cards are issued after each examination.
Board Examination Board examination , conducted by the CBSE and Tamil Nadu Board, are held in March every year.
  • All India Secondary School Examination for Class X,(CBSE Board)
  • Senior School Examination for Class XII (T.N. Board)

Progress Report The academic performance of every child is brought to the notice of the parents at regular intervals. The final Report Card at the end of an academic session reflecting the cumulative performance throughout the year is sent to the parents. Information regarding behaviour , character , and the performance in sports and extra- curricular activities is also reflected in the Report Card.
Incentives In recognition of a student's outstanding performance in the field of academics , games, sports and extra curricular activities , awards , certificates , prizes trophies are given as additional motivation.
House System To instill in children a sense of belonging , team spirit , co-operation and a healthy competition , the School is devided into four Houses -
  1. BLUE
  2. RED
  4. GREEN

The activities and the progress of each House are looked after by House Masters . Inter House activities help the students to prepare for the competition and the stress that lies ahead in life.
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Multifarious Activities
Multifarious activities are planned and structured so as to provide the students a medium for developing self-confidence , self - reliance , self -expression and assertiveness. The actual learning experience helps in the formation of an all round personality.

The School has a variety of indoor activities which form an integral part of education .The students are encouraged to participate in Art , Music ,Dance ,Drama , Electronics etc. These help students to plan , organise , lead ,co-ordinate and time management.
The school has provided the students with free internet access to meet the future trends and necessities.
free surfing facility provided to the students
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